Flowers For Morgan

Morgan. You won't remember me, I've only met you once when I was visiting South Africa which used to be my home. You were only a little baby at the time. I went to school with your mum and dad so I could tell you lots of naughty things about them.

I've been following your journey from the beginning. It was because of you that I finished my first 70.3 race back in 2015. I thought if Morgan can fight cancer, then I can finish a 70.3 race.

You truly are a Braveheart! Unfortunately I live in Australia which means that I haven't had the pleasure to get to know you now that you have grown up. I like to take photographs.... a lot. I can't take any pictures of you because I live to far away so I thought maybe I could take some photo's for you. One of the things that I like to take pictures of is flowers.

So I decided that from the 1st of November, I would take a picture of a flower for you every day and post it on here. I think flowers are pretty and they make people happy. So I guess they are just like you!!

I hope you like the flowers sweetheart and that they make you smile.

#FlowersforMorgan #braveheart

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