About ME

I was born and grew up in South Africa.  I left to go travelling when I was 19 and ended up settling in the UK  which is where my parents are from and now currently live.  In 2008, I  moved to Perth, Western Australia which is where I now consider home and couldn't imagine anywhere else in the world I would rather live. 


Since moving to Perth I discovered a love for the sport of triathlons. I found out that I'm not to bad at swimming  but that it doesn't  actually matter when I'm not very good at cycling and I don't really like running.    In 2015,  I competed in my first of four half ironman races to date.   I have since qualified as a Triathlon Western Australia development coach and I've completed a Diploma in Business Management.  


It wasn't until the end of 2016 after a few years of using my phone to snap pictures  that I once again  picked up my beloved dust laden Nikon and rediscovered my passion for photography. 

After competing in my forth half ironman and 4 years of training, I decided I needed some time off from training and the world of triathlons.    It's during that time that I dusted my camera off and  started taking pictures again. 

I decided to enrol in a diploma of photography course and all roads leads me to where I am now.   I have a passion for taking photos, photoshop, design and  building websites.  I like people and I love to talk so it made perfect sense for me to put it all together into Swurv Photography.  

My Experience as a Photographer

I will never take on an assignment where I feel that my experience and ability could not deliver to the expectations of a client.


My current comfort levels and experience in what I'm offering professionally are as follows:


Session Photography - Studio or Location

I'm confident enough to offer a full refund or retake on any session costs should a client not be happy with what I deliver. To find out more about my prices and sessions click here.

Photoshoot Parties

These parties are fun, relaxed and  I'm comfortable and confident with what I have offered and what I can deliver.   Prices include a whole party experience. For more information on prices and packages click here.

Special Occasions - Weddings & christenings, etc. 

Please contact me  by clicking here or call me on my mobile to discuss your requirements and so I can show you some of my work to date.  

About Me


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